RFID Access Control Payroll System with Software 

RFID RFID Access control & payroll System is developed to use in organizations for the purpose of maintaining security as well as Access information of all the employees.  This product makes use of RFID Card Reader in synchronization with the access control software. This RFID Card Reader device will be implemented at a particular Entry/Exit point in the organization for the security purpose. Every employee will be given a personal RFID Card when he/she joins the organization. When an employee’s duty hour’s start he/she only need to swap RFID card & by Reading the card by Reader the Access to a particular employee is given. This also provides the Different types of modules which provides the user having a password can change the setting of  the systems such as time & date , password change , ID settings, registration of new user , delete the user from registration list if he /she left the organization , also number of entry marked i.e. logs & users information all these changes are possible through hardware as well as software . The data of entries , logs users registered are stored in EEPROM on hardware & it will be loaded into software whenever needed through serial communication .There are two modes in the system which is mark mode & identify mode . In identify mode it will give entry to only those which are registered users & in mark mode it allows any user to enter after card swap. All the data/information is transferred to the software through RS232 communication
Involved :
Design & Development of entire product and it’s on site deployment.
Software Development:
VB based payroll GUI & Report generation, Drivers for:RFID reader , Lcd, Keyboard, eeprom etc & entire working flow.
Development Platform:
Keiluvision-3, Flash magic, Visual studio 2006.
Testing Environment:
module testing and on site
  • Employee location Tracking & access Restriction.
  • Electronic Toll Collection.
  • RFID enabled Electronic Ticket.
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