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DSP Overview

DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

Digital Signal Processing is a very challenging field. Digital signal processing (DSP) is concerned with digital representation of signals and use of digital hardware to analyze, modify or extract information from these signals. DSP includes audio and speech signal processing, digital image processing, statistical signal processing, signal processing for communications, control of systems, biomedical signal processing, seismic data processing, etc. There are many advantages in using digital techniques for signal processing rather than traditional analog devices such as Flexibility ,Reproducibility,Reliability. Qualitat system promises effective ways to design,experiment and implement a variety of signal processing algorithms .

Digital Singal Processing Algorithms

DSP Algorithm Implementation

Qualitat systems promises effective ways to design experiment and implement a variety of signal processing algorithms .

Signal Processing : Performance analysis of multicarrier DS-CDMA systems
  Modified Selective mapping technique for PAPR reduction in OFDM
  Various PAPR reduction technique in OFDM systems

Image Processing : Block Matching Algorithms for motion Estimation
  Edge Stegnography for Secure Communication
  An Evolutionary Algorithm for Fractal Coding of Binary Images using Genetic Algorithm
  JPEG2000 still image compression Using wavelets
  Adaptive bilateral filter for sharpness enhancement and noise removal
  Salt-and-pepper noise removal by median type noise detectors and detail-preserving regularization
  Feature Based wavelet shrinking algorithm for image denoising
  Image Fusion Based on Principal Component Analysis and High-Pass Filter

Speech Processing : Mel Frequency Discrete Wavelet Coefficients(MFDWC) for Isolated Word Hindi Speech Recognition
  Recognizing speech by using Wavelet Transform and Neural Network
  Adaptive noise cancellation algorithm for speech processing


Biomedical Algorithms

DSP Algorithm Implementation :

Qualitat systems promises effective ways to design experiment and implement a variety of signal processing algorithms .

Biometrics : Face recognition using Principal component analysis and Log gabor filters
  Face recognition using correlational filters
  Fingerprint Verification Based on Fixed Length Square Finger Code
  Characterization of Palmprints by Wavelet Signatures via Directional Context Modeling
  Iris recognition using Haar wavelet and Neural Networks
  Combining Face and Iris Biometrics for Identity Verification

Pattern Recognition : Devnagri numeral recognition using Moment Invariant
  Devnagri letter recognition using Self Organizing Map
  Text detection ,Location and segmentation system for OCR in Images
  Automatic Number plate detection using Optical Character Recognition with Neural Network
  Image Texture classification using grey level co-occurrence and support vector machines.

Biomedical : Wavelet based features for medical image analysis and classificaton
  BioMedical Signal Processing for ECG Analysis using wavelets and Pattern classification
  Segmentation of Soft Tissue Using Texture Features and Gradient Snakes
  Texture analysis for classification in MRI images using modified radon transform
  Detection of Tumor in MRI images using vector quantization segmentation.




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