DSP Success Stories  
DSP Success Stories
    Block Matching Algorithms For Motion Estimation   
    “Edge-Steganography” for Secure Communication
    An Evolutionary Algorithm for Fractal Coding of Binary Images
    JPEG 2000 & Region of Interest Coding
    Ethernet/Internet Connectivity: EMAC Implementation Using ARM
    Data compression using Huffman tree
    Image Processing- JPEG2000 still image compression Using wavelets
    Automatic Number plate detection using Optical Character Recognition
         with Neural Network!
    BioMedical Signal Processing for ECG Analysis using  wavelets & Pattern
    Fingerprint Verification Based on Fixed Length Square Finger Code  
    Characterization of Palmprints by Wavelet Signatures via Directional
         Context Modeling
    MelFrequency Discrete Wavelet Coefficients (MFDWC) for Isolated word
         Hindi Speech Recognition
    Recognizing speech by Using Wavelet Transform and Transient Response  
    Speech Processing Unit  
    Modified Selected Map ping Technique to Reduce the Peak-to-Average
        Power  Ratio of OFDM Signal.
    Path Planning Algorithm Using the Particle Swarm Optimization and
        the Improved Dijkstra Algorithm


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