ES AMF Controller  

AMF Controller for Single Phase!

Functionality :
The DKG-107 automatic mains failure unit is a low cost microprocessor based digital control unit offering all the basic functions required for automatic control of a generator including changeover contactors. The unit fits into a standard 72x72mm panel meter opening and offers a very cost effective solution for basic generator control and monitoring.
In automatic mode, the unit monitors 3phases of the mains and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of the generator.

When the engine is running, the unit monitors fault conditions and shuts-down the engine automatically in the event of an alarm, which are identified by a group of LED's.
Functionality :
  • Automatic engine starting and stopping
  • Automatic mains failure monitoring
  • Automatic load transfer
  • Automatic shutdown on fault conditions
  • 3 phase mains voltage inputs
  • 1 phase genset voltage input
  • Survives cranking dropouts
  • Mains phase voltage limit checking
  • Delayed overspeed and underspeed alarm
  • Lamp test
  • 50/60Hz operation
  • Selectable oil pressure/oil level switch
  • Sealed front panel
  • Plug in connection system for easy replacement



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